TitanCon 2022 Dealers

TitanCon 2022 will be operating a Dealers’ Room. Dealers wishing to participate are invited to fill out the application form. Any additional requirements (eg; access to a power socket, details of the other party, if the dealer intends to share the table, etc.) should be indicated in the space provided. Evidence of public liability insurance, (eg; scan of certificate) should be uploaded using the tool provided. Dealers must tick the box confirming that they will comply with the TitanCon Code of Conduct.

Salient details of the Dealers’ Room offer are as follows:-

  • The Dealers’ Room will be open for business 10:00 – 18:00 (Saturday only);
  • Access to the Dealers’ Room will be available at some point on Friday for setup (further
    information will be provided nearer the time);
  • Tear down access will continue after 18:00 on Saturday;
  • The Dealers’ Room will be securely locked out of business hours;
  • Goods are stored in the Dealers’ Room at Dealer’s own risk;
  • Dealers’ should provide evidence of appropriate public liability insurance;
  • A standard table, of dimensions 6’ x 2’ will cost £10.00;
  • Two Dealers’ passes for TitanCon are also included with this fee;
  • The sole TitanCon 2022 offer is of a standard table. Arrangements are made by TitanCon
    with a single Dealer. Dealers are free to make additional arrangements amongst
    themselves, for example if two want to share a single table. TitanCon will try to match
    Dealers if asked, but cannot guarantee to do so;
  • The Dealers’ Room will include a consignment sales table for self-published and guest writers (further
    information will be provided nearer the time).

Click here to reserve a place in the Dealers’ Room for TitanCon 2022.