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About TitanCon

TitanCon - A not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast Northern Ireland including panels on HBO and George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, organised and run by GRRM fangroup the Brotherhood Without Banners and The Other Ones a Belfast science fiction and fantasy society.

Brotherhood Without Banners

The BWB are the largest and most well known GRRM fangroup. The BWB are by no means the only fangroup in the world and they are certainly not the official fangroup. There are fangroups in Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland, all across Europe in fact and several smaller English speaking groups too. But because of our size and the fact that so many BWB members are extremely dedicated, travelling all over the world to conventions and events, we think of ourselves as the Unofficial-Official GRRM fangroup. George's position has always been to not have an official fan club because he wants to embrace all fandom and won't exclude someone just because they are not a fully paid up member or some such BS like that. And the BWB is run with that same kind of open and embracing policy. There's no membership fee, no secret sign you have to know, no initiation rites, you don't have to sacrifice animals or your first born child, none of that. All you have to do is say you are a Brother and you are. Well that and post on the Westeros forum obviously.

BWB logo

Brotherhood Without Banners standard.

Westeros is a GRRM fan forum for A Song of Ice and Fire and has been in operation for over 12 years. The Westeros forum has some special secret ability for attracting intelligent erudite strong minded individuals and has an incredible atmosphere that is both very friendly and welcoming but also challenges you to bring your best arguments to the table. Discussion threads are deep, thought provoking, rich in knowledge from experts in their field and extremely enlightening. Well maybe not all threads are like that, we have our fair share of silly, stupid and funny topics too. But throughout the forum you will always find this strong sense of community and the BWB was born out of that community. Prince Lodey got things off the ground in July 2000 and he created the BWB standard (it's not a banner!) which has become our logo. Lodey led the BWB through our early years up until 2006 when Stego took over the reins which he still holds today.

If you've been to a WorldCon over the last 11 years the chances are you've heard of the BWB and our world famous parties. At LAcon in 2006 we had a human chess match between George RR Martin and Daniel Abraham with fans dressed up as the Highgarden and Dorne chess pieces. At AussieCon 2010 we ended up hosting a party in a nightclub after the hotel let us down, there's nothing like seeing SF/F convention geeks dancing right next to regular club goers in their tiny spray on dresses. That night could have been a disaster but we turned it into a spectacular success.

Australia Raffle photo

Photo from the BWB AWESOME Raffle Prize Draw Thing at the BWB WorldCon party in Melbourne Australia 2010 taken by Fungi. George RR Martin, Lezli Robyn, Peter V Brett and one of our lucky winners.

The other thing that the BWB are known for is a lot of hard work for charity and volunteering. The BWB has always made donations to charities and at the past two WorldCons theMountainGoat has organised an AWESOME Charity Book Prize Draw Raffle Thing which has been extremely successful raising CA $204 in Montreal (2009) and AUS $1144 in Melbourne (2010) for children's literacy charity Teachers & Writers Collaborative based in New York City (www.twc.org).

Many BWB members are dedicated volunteers at WorldCon, Boskone and dozens of other conventions across North America and Europe, some even getting involved in programme ops and convention organisation. In fact hosting a fan convention for GRRM was one of the original goals when the BWB first got started and last year Parris McBride-Martin said that she felt the BWB were finally ready to hold their own convention. Thus firing off the imagination of theMountainGoat...

The Other Ones

The Other Ones logo

The Other Ones are a science fiction, fantasy and gaming society based in Belfast. The Other Ones are a friendly and active group of fans who meet every Wednesday evening in Metro Bar, opposite the Empire/Botanic Train Station, Belfast. They also hold regular gaming sessions and cinema trips to see the latest SF/F releases. Anyone looking for like minded SF/F fans in Belfast is welcome to come along to any of our meetings and get involved.

Several members of The Other Ones were involved with MECON which was a SF/F convention held in Belfast and ran for 11 years up until 2008. After the MECON committee disbanded three of its members, Bruce, Ian and Shane wanted to start up a new convention to take its place and they had just been looking for the right opportunity to come along...

TitanCon history

Please see our history page for more details about how TitanCon was conceived and how it has evolved over the years.