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Our Venue - the Hilton Belfast

The main venue for the convention will be the 4-star Hilton Belfast hotel. The Hilton is situated on the banks of the Lagan River in the heart of the city. For the Eurocon, we have secured all of the Hilton’s function space (with 9 meeting rooms including the Lagan Ballroom which will seat up to 450 people) and two-thirds of the 198 available bedrooms. See the accommodation page for more information on the accommodation options at the Hilton and elsewhere.

The Hilton is located directly adjacent to the Waterfront Convention Centre. The Waterfront opened a new state of the art conference space in 2016 to complement their existing Concert Hall. We will use the Studio for the bigger programme items.

Hilton Hotel at night © Hilton Belfast

Amenities and Attractions

The Hilton features all the amenities that one would expect from a high-quality major chain hotel as well as great views of the Lagan River and surrounding landmarks.

The Hilton is undergoing renovations during the convention that will close the Sonoma restaurant. Food is still available in Cables bar, which offers cocktails, beers, and other drinking options alongside its own lunch and dinner options, and remains open until 1 a.m. (food service until 11 p.m.). In addition, breakfast will be served there for the duration of the convention - available to members for a special £10 rate.

In addition, we will be making some lighter food options available from the Lagan foyer for members to purchase. Starting at approximately 4pm on Thursday and noon on Friday and Saturday. Please note that once the Lagan foyer begins to serve alcohol at 6pm some access restrictions will apply to those under 18, and all members will be required to carry photo id while in the Lagan area during those hours.

The Hilton’s spectacular setting is complemented with convenient access to local attractions: for more information, see our Belfast information page.

Regulations and Accommodations for Those Under 18

  1. At registration, YA members 18 and over will be given a sticker to add to their badge, but they must present picture ID to verify their age.

  2. The Studio space at the Waterfront will be accessible to all ages for all programming.

  3. Between 18:00 and 21:00 any members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the Lagan area. This includes the Lagan A, Lagan B, and the Lagan foyer. This includes walking through these areas.

  4. After 21:00, no members under 18 will be allowed in the Lagan area. The Dealer's room in the Lagan A will close at 21:00 on Thursday but at 18:00 on Friday and Saturday.

  5. All of the programming in the Hilton meeting rooms area is accessible to all members at all times. After 18:00, under 18 members should access this area via the elevators.

  6. All members are reminded of our regulations that:

    • attendees under the age of 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times
    • all attendees under the age of 18 years of age are the responsibility of of their parent(s)/guardian(s) at all times, whether in their company or not. TitanCon/EuroCon will not accept any liability for under 18s under any circumstances.

Location and Directions

The Hilton is situated within a five-minute walk of the city centre, with easy access for people arriving by air, rail, or car. Belfast City Airport is within a 10-minute drive.

Detailed directions for getting to the hotel can be found on the Hilton’s website.


TitanCon will not organise any transportation from Dublin to Belfast for those at WorldCon, but it is easy to travel to Belfast by bus and train.


If you're flying in to Belfast there is a choice of two airports: Belfast City and Belfast International. The George Best Belfast City Airport is by far the closest of the two but both offer regular bus services to Europa Bus Station for easy transit.


The Europa Bus Station is Belfast's main bus depot and offers bus services across the city, to the airports and to Dublin. Visit the Translink website for more details.

There are two buses which run between Dublin or Dublin Airport and Belfast, both of these cost either £8 or €10. These can be booked online or in person, and run at several times every day.

You can see details and book the M1 in either pounds or euros at the Dublin Coach website.

Alternatively, the Route 705 Aircoach has a similar route.


The Translink website also details Northern Ireland's rail services.

Please note, there are Engineering works on the line between Dublin and Belfast on the week of the convention, so there will be a rail replacement bus for part of the journey. See the Irish Rail website for further details.