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TitanCon 2019 Merchandise

T-shirt sales are now closed. Please contact merchandise@titancon.com if you have any questions.

TitanCon has a long tradition of popular and creative T-shirts. For TitanCon 2019 we are very happy to announce that Heidi Sperring is returning once again to supply us with some fabulous artwork for our T-shirts. As this is not just a TitanCon but also a EuroCon we will be offering two different T-shirt designs available in a range of colours for the excellent price of £15 per t-shirt.

Purchasing TitanCon 2019 Merchandise

2019 merchandise is available via pre-order only. We do not generally produce additional merchandise to sell on the day, so please pre-order if you would like to own one or both of this year’s unique designs.

All merchandise must be collected in person at the convention. We regret that we cannot offer a mail order service. However if you are not coming to Titancon 2019 yourself, you can ask another attendee to order and collect your merchandise.

Any combination of design, style, size, and colour has the flat price of £15 each.

About the Artist

Heidi Sperring
Direwolf in pen and ink

Heidi Sperring graduated from Bath Spa University in 2002 with a BA (hons) in Education specialising in art and history. She has worked as a studio photographer, college lecturer and currently teaches art and crafts to deaf adults with additional learning needs at the Action on Hearing Loss charity in Bath in the Education Workshop.

Find Heidi on facebook and instagram @heidisperringartist

Heidi displayed her artwork at the TitanCon 2014 art show and wasn't so sure about how it would be received. We sold just about every print she brought with her on the Friday Grand Opening. Just look at this stunningly beautiful Direwolf piece drawn in pen and ink. Someone out there really needs to offer Heidi a big commission for a major piece of artwork so everyone can see the great talent she has!

The EuroCon T-Shirt

This t-shirt originally designed as our exclusive promo t-shirt but we loved the design so much have made it available to all our TitanCon 2019 members.

Please note, we will not be printing any black in this t-shirt. The black will be whatever colour t shirt you choose.

Eurocon Merchandise Design

The TitanCon T-Shirt

Traditionally TitanCon t-shirts have always been inspired by a certain series we all know and love, and this year our alternative t-shirt is no exception. As you can see Heidi has created a fabulous metal chair depicted in her very own style. Please be aware that none of our t-shirts are resistant to dragon fire.

We will be printing black as an extra colour on non-black t-shirts.

TitanCon Merchandise Design

About the Merchandise

We are pleased to offer a range of t-shirts. Manufactured by Gildan Size charts are available here. Some people have found that the women's sizes run a little smaller than expected so you may want to take that into consideration. Sizes 4XL and larger are going to be slightly different simply because our preferred shirts are not available in these sizes. Please contact us if you have questions about sizing.

As usual, you can also choose between a range of alternative colours. Not all colour options are available in all styles and sizes.

T-shirt sales are now closed. Please contact merchandise@titancon.com if you have any questions.