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TitanCon 2019 Membership

The term "full membership" essentially just means "a ticket to attend TitanCon". However, it does mean more than that because being a member of TitanCon means you are part of the community of the convention, part of the brotherhood.

Existing members should have had a ticket from Grenadine already. If you have not received this, please contact us by emailing memberships@titancon.com. If you have, please follow the instructions in the email to create a member account. If you've not already signed up to participate in programme items, and you would like to, please email programme@titancon.com.

New memberships can be bought online using the button below, which will redirect you to our Grenadine site. Payment on Grenadine is through credit or debit card using Stripe.

All TitanCon members are required to abide by our Code of Conduct. Purchase of membership is considered tacit agreement of this code. By buying a membership, you are also agreeing to our data policy.

You can buy tickets for yourself or others, however we recommend setting up an account for each attendee, so that you can take advantage of some of the great Grenadine features, such as:

Supporting Memberships

We will no longer be selling new supporting memberships. We have made this decision in order to allow more people to be able to purchase full attending memberships, as we have a fixed capacity at our venues. This also lets us plan with more certainty for how many members we'll be welcoming to our convention.

Upgrading Supporting Memberships

For the same reason, we are setting a time limit for those who have already purchased their Supporting membership to be able to upgrade to a full attending membership. If you wish to upgrade your membership, you need to do this before 30 March 2019.

To upgrade, follow the instructions to create an account provided in the email you received from Grenadine about your supporting membership. Once you are logged in successfully, you will be able to see your supporting membership, and given the option to purchase an upgrade membership.

Bid Backer Upgrades

Those who supported our original EuroCon bid at the special "Bid Backer" rate can upgrade to an Attending Membership via the Grenadine site for TitanCon 2019. As a Bid Backer you are entitled to a reduced Attending upgrade fee of £26. Please follow the instructions sent to you by email. If you have not received this email, please contact us by emailing memberships@titancon.com.

Membership Rates

Our membership rates can be found below.

Ticket type Price
Adult Attending £65.00
Young Adult Attending £40.00
Child Attending £25.00
Supporting Upgrade £42.00
only available until 30 March!

Day Memberships

We are planning on releasing some tickets for the individual days of the convention for those who would prefer to attend for just part of the weekend. Further information and costing will be provided in due course.

Membership Cap

We have decided to limit membership sales to 700 members, consisting of 650 weekend 'Attending' memberships and 50 'Daily' memberships. We have set this cap on memberships (ie. a maximum number of members that will attend each day of the weekend) to prevent overcrowding. By limiting the amount of members we are trying to make sure there is room for everyone, with the aim that people get to see even the most popular programme items.

We will be re-releasing any 'Supporting' memberships, which have not been upgraded to Full Attending memberships by the 30th March 2019, to be sold as 'Attending' memberships so that as many people who wish to attend may do so.

Membership Transfers

TitanCon does not offer refunds to members who cannot attend. However, it is possible to sell or give away a membership to someone else. To do this, please contact memberships@titancon.com, giving the email addresses of both seller and buyer.

Buy Memberships and Upgrades

Buy memberships and upgrades here!!

If you can't see existing tickets you have already bought, please check that you are logged in using the same details. If you still need help, contact us by emailing memberships@titancon.com.