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As well as our amazing Guests of Honour, we are proud to showcase some of the amazing people who will be appearing at our convention. There's lots more to be added here too, so keep checking back!

Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews worked in the drapes department on HBO's Game of Thrones. She graduated from the University of Ulster at Belfast 'Art College' in 2009 with a degree in fine and applied art where she specialised in textile art.

Sansa's needlework

Sansa showing the Septa her needlework skills in
season one of Game of Thrones © HBO 2011.
Embroidery by Emma Andrews.

Emma started by making large exhibition pieces, wallhangings etc, but somehow her work got smaller and smaller over the years. Emma now specialises in jewellery and accessories working mainly in silks. Some of the techniques Emma uses include patchwork, quilting, embroidery and beading but with her own contemporary twist.

Emma tells us that during the season two production she was mainly making tents and banners and more tents and yet more and more tents! During season one she did a lot of embroidery including the wee bits that Sansa and Arya are working on when we first meet them in the opening episode. Emma also stitched the stag and hand of the king emblems into the chair backs of the Small Council seats.

Emma has attended TitanCon nearly every year since 2012, her workshops are always hugely popular, and we are thrilled to have her back for EuroCon.

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Miltos Yerolemou

Miltos Yerolemou

Cancellation of appearance and Waterdancing Workshops

We are very sad to say that Miltos has regretfully had to cancel his appearance at TitanCon - being the First Sword of Braavos is not without its challenges, and although Fear cuts deeper than swords, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't rest up and heal from injuries. Miltos is very upset not to be able to come back to TitanCon, and hopes to be able to teach us all Waterdancing in the future, even if it is Not Today. Please join TitanCon in wishing Miltos a speedy recovery - there will be a Get Well card going around the convention.

All workshop purchases will be refunded, without attendees needing to take any further action. We will be sending an email out in the next couple of days with further details.

Miltos has asked us to share the below message:

I am very upset and disappointed to be letting you and all the people who were looking forward to my classes down but I have to make sure I get better.

I would like you to share this email so that I can say how sorry I am that I won’t be there.

As I have said before TitanCon means so much to me and so I am very sad I won’t be able to make it.

Have an amazing weekend and I will be thinking of you all.



Miltos Yerolemou is a Shakespearean trained actor based in London with an impressive list of theatre credits to his name including work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Globe Theatre.

In 2010 Miltos was cast in HBO's Game of Thrones as the elegant yet deadly sword master Syrio Forel. Syrio is hired by Eddard Stark to be Arya's instructor in the Braavosi fencing style known as Water Dancing.

Miltos now teaches pupils all over the world in sword fighting technique and shares his experiences of working with some of the world's greatest fight choreographers.

Most of his TV work prior to Game of Thrones was for the BBC including My Family, Black Books, Absolutely Fabulous, Hububb, and Walking With Beasts. During 2013 Miltos appeared in A Midsummer Night's Dream from the producers of War Horse which toured the world from Los Angeles to South Korea.

Miltos’ film credits include Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, Justin Chadwick's film Tulip Fever and also Tom Hooper's The Danish Girl with Eddie Redmayne.

Recently Miltos has appeared in Kenneth Branagh's new version of Murder On The Orient Express and will be seen later this year in season 3 of The Crown as well as in the sequel to The Hitman’s Bodyguard, as well as Steven Knight’s new adaptation of A Christmas Carol alongside Guy Pearce.

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Odin and Thor


TitanCon is pleased to welcome Odin and Thor, better known as Summer and Greywind, two of the Stark family direwolves. Those of you who attended the 2014 TitanCon coach tour, may remember meeting them at Castle Ward, a.k.a. Winterfell!

The pair will be hosting meet-and-greets in the Dealer's Room on Friday and Saturday, alongside their human companions.

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Brutal Ballet

Bridie Mayfield

Brutal Ballet, a classical ballet company dancing to heavy metal was established in 2008 in Australia by dancer and choreographer, Bridie Mayfield. The company is now based in Northern Ireland, with dancers from all over the UK.

The reformed company's debut performance was at TitanCon 2014, which you can see in the video below, and read more about it in this BBC news article.

In 2015, Brutal Ballet put together an incredible visual performance using UV paint and a blacklight to create an eerie spectacle which meshed perfectly to the track Whitewalkers by Mastodon (a band who appeared as extras in the episode Hardhome by the way). Unfortunately, the white walkers do not show up so well on camera in the video below, it really has to be enjoyed in person.

In 2016 their performance featured Wildlings around a campfire and included a giant on stilts, and in 2017 they performed as the Sandsnakes using Dornish Spears.

The past two years the company has been on hiatus, with company members shooting various TV shows, including Krypton and Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

We are pleased to announce that Brutal Ballet's Bridie will be back again this year, this time solo and with two new Game of Thrones inspired dance pieces

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