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Dealers' Room

Our Dealers' Room will be located in the Lagan Suite Thursday, 2-9pm and Friday to Saturday, 10-6pm.

If you have any queries you can contact us by emailing dealers@titancon.com.

Our dealers include:

The Community Table

The Alley also includes a Community Table, where self-publishers are welcome to leave their wares for sale by volunteers while you enjoy the event. You must purchase a full membership to be eligible. It is free to exhibit and we charge creators 10% on a sale or return basis. You may leave up to ten copies of three issues or books. Space may be limited so we ask you let us know in advance to secure a place. We are keen to hear from volunteers to work shifts at the community table.

Game of Thrones Merchandise

Please note that the sale of unlicensed Game of Thrones merchandise is prohibited at TitanCon. Dealers may sell official HBO Game of Thrones products.

The one exception to this rule are works of art. By this we mean a unique object that you have created yourself and that there is only one copy of which you are selling. If you are mass producing multiple copies or prints of the same work of art then this would be classified as unlicensed merchandise.

We have close ties with George RR Martin and HBO, and our convention cannot be seen to endorse the sale of unlicensed merchandise by allowing it to take place at TitanCon. Thank you for your understanding.