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TitanCon 2018 Membership

As we announced on 7th August, we are sadly unable to run TitanCon this year as planned. Our replacement event, TitanMoot 2018, will be free to all attendees, regardless of whether they were previously members of TitanCon 2018.

We are offering a full refund to everyone who had paid to attend TitanCon 2018, be they members, artists, dealers, workshop providers, or featured programme participants. Details of the refund process can be found further down this page.


Cancelling the official convention is costly and while we are using all our skills to reduce the expenses there will still be some. To help cover these costs we invite donations from attendees and the wider community. These are available at four levels, reflecting the original Attending and Supporting Membership rates for the convention.

Existing members can opt for the same donation levels, by choosing to decline some or all of their refund entitlement.

We welcome everyone to TitanMoot and making a donation is not necessary to come!

For the completists among you, we will be treating all donors as nominal members for "Making the 8". We also hope to provide all donors who would like them with TitanCon 2018 membership badges as a small token of our appreciation.

How to Donate

Donations can be made via Grenadine using the link below. Your card payment will be processed securely by Stripe, ensuring that the convention never has access to your card information.

Note: Grenadine asks for address information for both the purchaser and each ticket holder/donor. This may mean that you have to enter your postal address twice.

Make a Donation


Members may claim a full refund on all fees paid to the convention, including membership, dealers’ room fees, and art show fees, regardless of whether they are planning to attend the TitanMoot. We regret that we cannot compensate you for other costs such as accommodation or travel expenses.

We are still running the Coach Tour at the previously announced price of £22. You may claim a full refund on this fee if you are no longer coming on the tour.

To claim your refund, please write to memberships@titancon.com, letting us know:

If you wish to cancel an existing order for TitanCon Merchandise, please contact merchandise@titancon.com as soon as possible.

Code of Conduct and Data Policy

All TitanMoot attendees are required to abide by our Code of Conduct. In choosing to attend the convention, you confirm that you have read and commit to complying with this Code. This applies regardless of whether you choose to make a financial donation.

TitanCon has also published a Data Policy which defines our approach to data collection, storage, sharing and dissemination. In registering with us you confirm that you consent to our holding and usage of your personal data as set out in this Policy.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help with a donation or refund, you can reach our membership team at memberships@titancon.com.