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Coach Tour ~ Monday 27 August 2018

TitanCon Coach Tour 2015

Visiting Larrybane Quarry (Renly's Camp in season two) on the TitanCon 2015 Coach Tour.

When TitanCon first started in 2011 the Game of Thrones tourist industry in Belfast was nonexistent and we were the first to offer a coach tour visiting Game of Thrones filming locations around Northern Ireland. It's a different story today and there are several businesses offering daily coach tours. We love the fact that fans have so much choice now and for anyone staying in Belfast for a few extra days we hope you'll take a tour and see more of this beautiful country.

The TitanCon Coach Tour is different to the others - firstly we are a not-for-profit organisation and this is reflected in our ticket price. Secondly our tour is a one off experience, we only do one coach tour a year and each year is a different route visiting different locations. Lastly it's a really big fun group of people that attend, making the event truly special with full Coach Calamity predictions, Fishy Facts, Goat Misidentifications and Orcish rights! You'll have a great time! In the past eight years we have had our amazing Hog Roast Feast before drunkenly murdering Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on the way home.

This year we are doing things a little differently: our traditional Feast will be on Sunday Evening at the Wellington Park Hotel. The Feast will be open to all members of the Convention and Vegetarian options will be available. Price to be confirmed. More details will shortly be available on our Feast page.

We will instead be having a lovely group picnic (with lunch you have brought with you) in the Tollymore Forest and returning to the Wellington Park hotel before 5pm. This allows our members to enjoy the local restaurants in Belfast or join us in a special menu in the Wellington Park Hotel on Monday Evening, before we party late into the night in the Hotel bar.

Overview of the 2018 Tour

Jousting 2012

Re-enactment of the Hand's Tourney from season one of Game of Thrones at Shane's Castle during our 2012 Coach Tour. Photo taken by Eira.

This year we will start our tour by returning to Tollymore Forest, which we have not visited since our very first coach tour in 2011. Please make sure you have brought your own packed lunch as there is nowhere to buy food.

While in Tollymore forest we will visit the the filming sets where the White Walkers were first discovered in the prologue, hunt for new born direwolf pups, see the spot where Yoren confronted Lannister soldiers hunting for the king's bastard, and see the woods and where Ramsey Snow hunted Theon in Season three. We may also spot some of the filming locations used in Dracula Untold in which Art Parkinson played Îngeraș, son of Vlad “the Impaler”.

Our second stop of the day will be Inch Abbey, where we will follow Robb Stark as he camps outside Riverun. We will see the spot where Robb was declared the King in the North! And see Jaime’s wall, where Catelyn confronts the captive Jaime Lannister after she learns of Ned's beheading.

Not far from Inch Abbey is our 3rd and last stop the Jetty outside Riverun where Hoster Tully's funeral boat burnt on the River Quoile. This is a beautiful spot with a gentle walk along the bank.

Of course you don't have to follow everyone visiting all the film locations, if you would rather use the limited time at each stop for your own photography or for sketching/watercolours etc then you are most welcome to do so. Please make sure you bring everything you need with you.

After departing the banks of the River Quoile, we return to the Wellington Park hotel. Those who wish to join us will have time to freshen up before we gather for the optional after coach tour special meal provided by the Wellington Park hotel. This will have an extra cost to be paid on the day for those that want to participate. There will be an ongoing party in the Hotel bar afterwards for those who are up for more fun!

Please make sure you bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions. We will be walking on uneven ground along forest trails. We strongly recommend bringing a bottle of water, a packed lunch, and a waterproof coat.

2018 Itinerary

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Screenshots from Game of Thrones © HBO 2011-2018

09:20am Assemble in the Wellington park hotel lobby with your lunch.
09:30am Depart Wellington Park Hotel.
11:00am Arrive Tollymore Forest Haunted Forest. Picnic in the Haunted Forest.
1.00pm Depart Tollymore Forest.
2.00pm Arrive Inch Abbey. King in the North!
2.45pm Depart Inch Abbey.
3.00pm Arrive Quay Road, River Quoile for Hoster Tully's funeral.
3.45pm Depart River Quoile.
4:30pm Arrive at Wellington Park Hotel.

Photography competition

We will be running a photography competition and prizes will be awarded for the best photos from this year's coach tour. You are encouraged to submit your best photos which may even be exhibited during TitacCon 2019 – The EuroCon. More details will be available on how to submit your photos nearer the time.

Lunch: Picnic in the Haunted Forest

We are hoping for good weather, allowing us a picnic lunch in Tollymore Forest. Your Picnic Lunch is not included in the ticket price. Please make sure you purchase your own food and bring it with you on the day. There is a newsagent just opposite the Wellington Park Hotel where you can buy supplies in the morning. Eating on the bus is allowed but please make sure you take all garbage with you afterwards, and show consideration to your fellow passengers.

Dinner: Monday’s Special After-Coach Meal

As our traditional Hog Roast Feast is happening on the day before the coach tour (allowing us to be more inclusive of those that are unable to share our coach trip) the Wellington Park Hotel have kindly provided us with a unique and special menu for Monday after we return. This has a separate fee from the coach tour and does not need to be booked in advance. This meal is open to all those who are members of this year's TitanCon, not just those who have booked a place on the coach tour. More details to follow as soon as we have them.


We are hoping to run two coaches this year, depending on how many people sign up. When booking your coach tour, you will be offered a chance to choose your preferred coach. We cannot guarantee that you will get the coach of your choice, and recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. We hope to offer in-coach programming on one coach only, so that those who enjoy the silliness can opt for in-coach programming, and those who prefer a more relaxed and quieter coach can opt for the coach that does not have pre-planned entertainment when making a booking.


We are delighted that tickets for the 2018 TitanCon coach tour can be bought for just £22. This is for the tour only and does not include any meals or food. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be a member of TitanCon 2018 to book a place on the tour. To book your ticket(s):

After Party and Dead Dog Party

Once we're back at the Wellington Park Hotel the party doesn't have to end there, as we'll be in the Hotel Bar for the remainder of the evening. In addition, we have a Dead Dog Party (the name is from the way you feel after a convention) in the Wellington Park Hotel bar on Tuesday 28th August from mid-morning right through till the evening. So if you’re still in Belfast on Tuesday, feel free to drop by and join us!

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to run a segment of the in-coach programming please feel free to contact us by e-mail at coach_tour@titancon.com