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TitanCon 2017

TitanCon 2017. Photo taken by Jo Playford.

TitanCon - A not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland within the field of speculative fiction and works of the imagination.

Latest News - 28th September, 2017

We did it! A little more bijou but still packed full of craic!

It was with great thanks and celebration that TitanCon 2017 came to a close. We recorded over 160 registered guests, artists, dealers, workshop runners, exhibitors, members and supporters, with well over 120 attending on site.

We are grateful to everyone who came along in person and to those who cheered us on from the sidelines. After our leadership change just a few weeks before the event, the new team are especially grateful for the overwhelming support and great patience we were shown as we worked to deliver the best possible event.

We particularly thank our Guests of Honour for their participation, enthusiasm, readings, anecdotes and for being great sports. On the literary side, we express our appreciation to Pat Cadigan, Jan Siegel and Roz Kaveney, as well of course as our inimitable Toastmaster Peadar Ó Guilín. From Game of Thrones we thank Featured Performers Michael Stuart, "Wee" Kristy Robinson, and Jessica Odell, along with Emma Andrews from the Drapes Department. We also thank Featured Performer Ed Ashby for joining us at the last minute.

Our Guests of Honour were of course complemented by a range of Featured Programme Participants and workshop runners. We especially thank Women Aloud NI for their contribution to Literature Night, Ross Bailey and Historical Fencing NI for combat workshops, Chloe Henderson and Emma Andrews for crafting workshops, and Brutal Ballet for another amazing performance on Saturday evening.

We extend great thanks, from all our our attendees, to the new team, and to all our volunteers. It has special resonance this year when we say that without you the convention could not happen. Special thanks go to the area heads and senior staff: Jane Stewart (Art Show), Claire Gamble (Dealers), Ian Lawther and Claudia Wallraf (Registration/Info Desk), Samantha Hirst (Merchandise), Pebble (Coach Tour and Lovely Beard Competition), Yoann Desgrange (Volunteers), Cat Jones and Daniel Wagner-Hall (IT), Richard Bissmire (Social Media), Dirk Weger (Guest and Participant Liaison), Adrian Beattie (Logistics) and Emma England, Lada Bartova and Veronika Bartova (Green Room).

Lastly of course, we thank the Wellington Park Hotel for being our hosts once again, with particular appreciation for Malachy Toner (General Manager) and Lyndsey Monaghan(Conference and Banqueting Office Manager).

-- Jo Playford and Colin Harris (Co-Chairs)

Our Sponsors

TitanCon 2017 would like to express special thanks to its sponsors without who the convention could not have taken place. We thank Innominate, the 2017 British National Science Fiction convention (Eastercon), and Chairman Steve Cooper, for general funding support. We thank Alamo Literary Arts Maintenance Organization (ALAMO, Inc), ALAMO President Scott Zrubek, and Vice President Randall Shepherd, for supporting our Art Show and activities.

TitanCon 2017

And Now for 2018...

We were delighted with all the positive interactions and feedback we received during the convention, not least in the context of our leadership changes, and the very short run up to TitanCon 2017. We are excitedly planning TitanCon 2018! We hope to announce details of our dates and venue, as well as opening membership sales, by the 1st November. So check back here or follow us @TitanConBelfast for news and updates.