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Return to the Wellie

The Wellie has been a great venue for us the last two years so it was an easy decision to return and hold TitanCon 2016 at the Wellington Park Hotel (marked with the orange/purple W shaped logo on the map). The Wellie, as it is affectionately known, is a 4 star high quality hotel which has been a family owned and managed business and part of the fabric of Belfast since the 1950's. The hotel offers 75 bedrooms furnished to an outstanding quality with newly refurbished bedrooms boasting additional comfort with feather duvets and pillows as standard.

Wellington Park Hotel is located near Queen's University and offers excellent conference facilities with all of their meeting rooms located on the first floor of the hotel within close proximity of each other. The main hall seats 350 people, a second room will seat 100 and there are numerous smaller rooms ideal for holding workshops, round tables, gaming, signing and photo sessions. The conference space also features a separate bar area so there won't be any noise distractions during panel discussions, and we can set up tables in the main corridor so dealers will be situated right in the heart of the convention.

Special room rate offer

The opportunity to stay in the same hotel where the convention you are attending takes place can massively improve your experience at the con. The practicality of being able to return to your room quickly and easily at any time is a huge difference maker and with enough people staying here the entire hotel can become infused with the atmosphere of TitanCon making the whole experience that much more enjoyable for everyone.

The Wellie have kindly given us the same room rates that they were charging last year! Please see our hotels page for more information.

FREE Wi-Fi access

Wellington Park Hotel will be providing FREE Wi-Fi access to all TitanCon 2015 attendees!

£5 parking offer

Good news for any TitanCon 2016 attendee coming to the con in their car and needing to park, Wellington Park Hotel are offering a special parking rate of £5 per day (this usually costs £15 per day). We predict that the hotel car park will fill up pretty quickly so get there early to make sure you get a space.

Venue maps

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