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TitanCon 2015 programming

We are pleased to announce the prospective schedule for TitanCon 2015

Please click on the prospective schedule below to download a PDF version of the confirmed schedule and click on the buttons above to read detailed descriptions about all panels and programme items.

Please note that this is not the final schedule and some things may change over the next week. We are still working on our Game of Thrones guestlist and we ask you all to please be patient with us while we confirm guest availability. It has been a very difficult process this year but there will be some more names to announce in the next few days. Believe me I understand the frustration and uncertainty of not knowing which makes it difficult to plan your day and which workshops you want to buy tickets for. We will make announcements and get the final schedule up here just as soon as we possibly can. Thank you.

We will have printed versions of the complete final schedule at our reception desk at TitanCon 2015, no need to print and bring this with you because you may not have the most up to date version.

TitanCon 2015 schedule