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Masquerade 2011

TitanCon 2011 masquerade entrants. Photo taken by Hear Me Roar.

Over the last three years the TitanCon masquerade has been a brilliant success with some incredible costumes and memorable performances. Who could forget the hilarious wildling skit from our very first entrants in 2011 or the weirwood tree or the winning entry of Hodor carrying Bran in a basket. My highlight of the first year was Lysa Arryn rushing out into the audience to smother her son with kisses, thoroughly embarrassing him in the process.

Or how about the imaginative Frey Pie costume from 2012, the lookalike Petyr Baelish, the lost X-Wing pilot, street urchin Arya, or the entertaining seawater baptism by the eventual winners of the TitanCon 2012 masquerade, Balon and Asha/Yara Greyjoy. They do not sow (but they do sew).

Masquerade 2013

The entrants of the dramatic and memorable TitanCon 2013 Masquerade.

We only had four entrants in 2013 but the standard was exceptionally high with a sensational dance routine by the Sandsnakes, an entire family of hilarious backstabbing Lannisters with Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion joined by King Robert, and lastly the lovely Daenerys and Missandei. A really strong line up and unbelievably we ended up with a 3-way tie for first place with 19 votes each! Our fourth placed entrant (Pebble) decided that the 3 people that voted for her should pick the winner and they eventually decided on Daenerys and Missandei. Our winners were thrilled to have won since this was not only their first masquerade but the first convention they had ever attended.

With such a great legacy we expect the bar to be raised pretty high at TitanCon 2014, and I believe some of our regular entrants started planning costumes and performances for next year before the evening was over. But please don't let the quality of the competition deter you from entering, the Masquerade is all about dressing up and having fun! So time to get your thinking caps on, start sewing costumes and join in the fun!

Masquerade 2012

The fantastic entrants of the masquerade at TitanCon 2012. Photo taken by JacMac.

We have been lucky enough to have some outstanding panels of guest judges with Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams in 2011 and Isaac Hempsted-Wright, Aimee Richardson and Art Parkinson at TitanCon 2012.

The TitanCon 2014 Masquerade will take place at the Wellington Park Hotel as part of our evening entertainment on Saturday 13 September 2014. We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs for the best costumes as chosen by a panel of guests.

Number of entrants is limited so please sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Good luck to all our entrants!

Masquerade rules

  1. Shop bought or hired costumes are allowed, however these will be marked down by the judges. High scores will be awarded to costumes constructed by the entrant. We hope that many of you will join in with the masquerade just for fun so please feel free to attend in costumes of any kind whether you've bought, hired or owned them for years.
  2. Each entrant must fill in the Masquerade sign up form (see below) in order to be eligible on the day. However, depending on numbers we may still be able to accept new entrants on the day. Please ask if you're interested in taking part.
  3. We will allow group entrants to a maximum of 5 people. You only need to fill out one form between you. Please have just one person in the group fill in the form and be the point of contact for the entire group. Please include the membership numbers of all participants.
  4. Each masquerade entrant will have approximately 1 minute to walk out onto the stage and show off their costume to the crowd. We regret that we can't allow a full stage performance (no music, no effects) to enhance your walk out. Our MC can read out a short piece of text about you and your costume. No more than 40 words please. We would prefer typed text to hand written please. We make no apologies if the MC says it wrong because he could not read your hand writing. If your introduction text is not on your form then please bring it with you on the day and hand it to the Masquerade Organiser otherwise our MC will just make something up or ask you crazy questions in character.
  5. Just because we have a strong Game of Thrones theme at TitanCon does not mean you have to dress up as a character from the show, we welcome costumes from any theme in the SF/F genre, which is a pretty broad scope to choose from.
  6. TitanCon is a family event so costumes and performances must meet PG-13 standards, therefore no nudity, Qartheen gowns or inappropriate performances on stage. (A Qartheen gown is like a toga with one exposed breast and is worn by the people of the city of Qarth, well in the books at least anyway).
    OK - so who knew this thing about Qartheen gowns would be so controversial... Qartheen gowns are of course a unisex garment and we had not considered that a man might wish to wear one at the masquerade. Therefore we are not saying Qartheen Gowns are banned. However women in Qartheen gowns must be covered in ways deemed appropriate for walking through a public hotel and appearing in front of a panel of judges which may include children. I think that covers it.
  7. If an actual weapon or any item that can be mistaken for one is part of your masquerade costume, you must transport it to and from the masquerade wrapped securely unless peace bonded. The masquerade director must approve your use of any weapons during the masquerade. Please see our Code of Conduct for more information.
  8. The decision of the judging panel is final.

Masquerade Form

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