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Media panels

We have a variety of other panels covering various media types including comic books, film, TV, web series and an awesome martial arts display featuring many well known characters from film, TV and literature.

Story Machine

Panel: Spence Wright and Richard Crawford
Time: 10.00 am
Room: Castle Black

An informal introduction to; growing a story, screenplay structure, language and the development process. Screenwriters Richard Crawford and Spence Wright will also be happy to take questions on all the highs and lows of writing for the screen.

The Magnificent One Day Comic Book Factory

Panel: Andy Luke, Patrick Brown and Paul J Holden
Time: 11.00 am (Castle Black), 11.30 am (Dragonpit)

Three local comic book creators challenge TitanCon members to write, draw and produce an exclusive convention comic book, with proceeds going to Action Cancer.

The workshop starts off with Andy Luke's presentation on making quality comics quickly, self-publishing and creative property. Then everyone will come downstairs to a table in the back corner of the Exhibition Centre to get a page or two produced in an hour, with professionals Paddy Brown and PJ Holden on hand to offer advice and encouragement. When the clock stops, it's pens down. Volunteers can assist Andy as he prints and binds to make a finished work over the following hours, and help out with the distribution of the comic book towards the end of the day.

Proceeds raised from sale of the work go to Action Cancer. Keep an eye on the TitanCon Facebook group and Andy-Luke.com in September for more details.

Web Series - the future of film and TV?

Panel: Ian McDonald (mod), Milana Vayntrub, Joseph Campo, Spence Wright and Richard Crawford
Time: 4.00 pm
Room: Castle Black

Will the web series follow in the footsteps of digital music and eBooks and change the face of the film and television industry? Milana Vayntrub and Joseph Campo put forth their case that the web series is the future. Fighting the corner of film we have Spence Wright and Richard Crawford. Overseeing matters is Ian McDonald who’s novel The Dervish House is currently in production for TV. This could be a brutal fight to the bitter end.

The Clandestine

Panel: The cast and crew of The Clandestine
Time: 5.00 pm
Room: King's Landing

The Clandestine is a comedy webseries about a group of geeks and one smoking hot chick who form a secret outlaw motorcycle club. The cast and crew including Milana Vayntrub and Joseph Campo join us to talk geeks on bikes.

Martial Arts Display

Run by: David Brashaw
Time: 5.30 pm
Room: King's Landing

David Brashaw (co-creator of Guards! Guards!) is a World WKC gold medallist in karate kata demonstration. David is bringing along some of Ireland's most skilled martial artists to put on an incredible display featuring many well known characters from film, TV and literature all in full costume. You won't want to miss this action!