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TitanCon 2012

Another great success!

Masquerade 2012

The fantastic entrants of the masquerade at TitanCon 2012. Photo taken by JacMac.

TitanCon 2012 is over and it has been another fantastic success. Our Friday night event at McHughs as part of Culture Night Belfast was well attended and everyone enjoyed our four author readings. I am so pleased to say that every event we ran on Saturday had an audience, from the Game of Thrones discussion panels, the Round Table sessions, the Magnificent One Day Comic Book Factory, the Dothraki Jewellery Workshop, Story Machine, all the literature and media panels, the world premiere of trailers for DEADlocked and Zombies Vs Leprechauns from Causeway Pictures and the Irish premiere of beautiful animated film Strange Frame.

Masquerade judges 2012

Our masquerade judges at TitanCon 2012: Art Parkinson, Aimee Richardson and Isaac Hempstead-Wright with our awesome host Peadar Ó Guilín. Photo taken by JacMac.

The masquerade was great fun with our guest judges Aimee Richardson, Art Parkinson (who came down after filming a scene for season 3 earlier that day) and we were also joined by Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark). Apologies to those that left early, we would have let you know that Isaac was coming but even when Isaac sends a message to say he is on his way down he qualifies the statement with "I can't guarantee it though". All our masquerade entrants were brilliant, but there could only be one worthy winner and this year it went to great costuming and a highly entertaining performance by Balon and Yara Greyjoy. They do not sow. For reals.

Jousting 2012

Re-enactment of the Hand's Tourney from season one of Game of Thrones at Shane's Castle during our Coach Tour. Photo taken by Eira.

We were so fortunate with the weather on Sunday for the coach tour. If we had gotten the rain that lashed Belfast on Monday it would have been a disaster. Instead we enjoyed glorious sunshine at the Giant's Causeway, Ballintoy Harbour and Renly's camp at Carrick-a-Rede. OK so we got a little lost looking for the tourney grounds at Shane's Castle (they are very overgrown now) but that track we were walking along was used in filming for season three during the week leading up to our extended ramble. They had wagons going up and down that track all day long. Look out for a scene in season 3 with Arya and Gendry featuring wagons on a track passing through some forest and you'll be able to say you've been there. So you got to see an extra filming location without even knowing about it!

Fight crew 2012

The fight crew at Shane's Castle during our coach tour. Photo taken by Stephanie Pollock.

When we finally found the tourney grounds we witnessed a legendary reenactment of the jousting scenes from season one with Peadar and Kat on their trusty steeds Targh and Gareth with their squires Pebble and (apologies I did not catch the name of Kat's squire). One of the hilarious highlights of the day for many people!

This was followed by an incredible hand to hand combat demonstration by Johannah Playford and her crew of friends including the boys from Clan Ulaidh. The fights included a staging of the greatest sword fight of all time from The Princess Bride, a flaming sword duel in a Thoros of Myr style, fire dancing and a Circle of Deceit with six fighters all going at it. By this time everyone was more than hungry enough for the feasting in our decorated marquee with hog roast, chicken, wine, mead and more.

Flaming sword duel

Flaming sword duel! Photo taken by Semtexjack.

To finish the day off a rousing musical performance by the Hardbitten Fleabottom Swingtime Band with songs from and inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire including the Game of Thrones theme tune, Hands of Gold, Sending me up to the Wall, Dothraki Rap, The Last of the Giants and the Rains of Castamere. Singer Johannah Playford announced that she has been officially licensed by George RR Martin to record an album of music and that there will be a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the album. We'll bring you more details on this exciting project when they are announced.

The singing continued on Coach One, sorry, Coach Fun, on the way back to Belfast. Even if it was a little more drunken and shambolic as evidenced by the murdering of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

But was it a financial success?

As many of you may be aware we were concerned that while the event itself had been a great day for everyone we feared that not enough people had attended and that overall we had made a loss on the weekend. Myself I was totally convinced we had made a substantial loss and the committee would be burdened by the debt unless we could beg you all to send us your spare change.

However, after paying all the bills and totting up the accounts we have in fact made a small profit of around £50. This is staggeringly good news for us. We still can't quite believe it ourselves and so long as nobody comes calling with another bill for us then we are in the clear. This is a huge relief for the committee so thank you to everyone that helped make this possible.

Thank you's

Please peruse this huge long list of TitanCon thank you's and offer your thanks to all these people in all your blog posts, messages and reports. Every one of these people is awesome and the con would not have existed without their help and support.

Thank you.


We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on TitanCon 2012. Tell us what you enjoyed, what was good or if you thought something could have been better then let us know how. Please fill in our feedback form.

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