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TitanCon 2019 Venues

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The venues we intend to use are the newly completed Waterfront Convention Centre and the Hilton Hotel. These two venues are located in the centre of Belfast with spectacular views over the River Lagan. The buildings are right next door to each other, and in fact there is a connecting corridor linking them so attendees do not have to go outside to go from one to the other.

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Waterfront Convention Centre

The Waterfront has just completed work on a large extension adding state of the art flexible conference space onto their outstanding concert hall facility. The new conference space opened in May 2016 and features two large halls that can be divided into several separate sound proofed convention spaces.

In addition the Waterfront includes three 200 seater rooms that can be divided into six 100 seater rooms, or any combination of these that we require. Our deal with the Waterfront gives us sole use of the facility and we can scale the amount of space we hire to match the needs of our attendance numbers and programming requirements.

For more information on the layout and room dimensions of the Waterfront please see this PDF floorplans guide. Please note that the deal we have with the Waterfront is fully scaleable so we can hire as much, or as little, of the building as we require. However, we are unlikely to need every space on offer, like the 2000 seater auditorium for example. It would be fantastic to use it of course, but we'd need to become a really huge convention in order to make it worthwhile.

Hilton Hotel

We will also be making good use of the conference facilities available to us in the Hilton Hotel. This will mostly be for evening events and parties, but the rooms will also be perfect for workshops, gaming and childcare facilities throughout the convention.

Please see this floorplan of the Hilton Hotel's conference facilities.