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1 x Supporter £10.00
Total: £10.00 GBP
1 x Backer £25.00
Total: £25.00 GBP
1 x Friend £50.00
Total: £50.00 GBP
1 x Super Friend! £100.00
Total: £100.00 GBP

If you are not sure whether you can attend or not then why not consider purchasing a Supporting Membership for just £10. The good news is that you can then upgrade to Full Attending Membership at a later date for the price of £40, even after our rates go up on 1 October 2017. Buying now ensures your upgrade rate freezes at the attending rate at the time of your puchase. Thank you for your support!

We offer four levels of Supporting Memberships at different price points:

The level demonstrates just how enthusiastic you are about EuroCon 2019. At Backer level the upgrade rate is £25. Friend and Super-Friend automatically qualify for attending membership and are included here as a method for donating more if you wish. The more money you donate the larger our budget becomes enabling us to run the best convention that we possibly can. We really appreciate everyone that supports, no matter how large or small - thank you!

Purchasing a Supporting Membership

At this time we are only able to accept payments via Paypal, but we will soon be adding facility for Credit Card purchases. Please use the button to the right and log in to your Paypal account to complete your purchase of a Supporting Membership to TitanCon 2019. Quantity can be specified in the Shopping Cart on Paypal (having one person from your group purchase all memberships and tickets helps keeps the transaction costs down - which means we get more of your money instead of it all going to Paypal).

For those outside the UK please note that your payment will be converted into your local currency by Paypal.

If you wish to make a larger donation (and a huge thank you if you do), then you can increase the quantity of supporting memberships in the Paypal shopping cart.

After making your payment PLEASE COMPLETE THE MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW (one per person) and include your Paypal primary email address in the field provided. This will help us match up your payment with your membership form and enable us to process your request quicker. Thank you.

Supporting Membership Form

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£100 - Super Friend!

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