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Dealers' Room

Our Dealers' Room and Art Show will be moving this year, and will be located in a section of the main McWilliam suite on the first floor of the Wellington Park Hotel. This will give us increased area and more secure space for our exhibitors.

With the convention extending throughout the weekend, we also have new opening hours for our Dealer Tables:

We will also be announcing revised Dealer pricing reflecting the new convention dates and extended weekend. Table prices will however still include access to the convention - i.e. Dealers do not need to buy separate convention memberships for their staff.

Note: this information is currently provisional, and will be confirmed when we open table bookings at the start of February 2018.

Our Dealers' Room is again being run this year by Claire Gamble of Retrogreat.

If you are an artist you may wish to book a space in our Art Show rather than running your own Dealer Table.

Game of Thrones Merchandise

Please note that the sale of unlicensed Game of Thrones merchandise is prohibited at TitanCon. Dealers may sell official HBO Game of Thrones products.

The one exception to this rule are works of art. By this we mean a unique object that you have created yourself and that there is only one copy of which you are selling. If you are mass producing multiple copies or prints of the same work of art then this would be classified as unlicensed merchandise.

We have close ties with George RR Martin and HBO, and our convention cannot be seen to endorse the sale of unlicensed merchandise by allowing it to take place at TitanCon. Thank you for your understanding.