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Coach Tour ~ Monday 27 August 2018

TitanCon Coach Tour 2015

Visiting Larrybane Quarry (Renly's Camp in season two) on the TitanCon 2015 Coach Tour.

When TitanCon first started in 2011 the Game of Thrones tourist industry in Belfast was nonexistent and we were the first to offer a coach tour visiting Game of Thrones filming locations around Northern Ireland. It's a different story today and there are several businesses offering daily coach tours. We love the fact that fans have so much choice now and for anyone staying in Belfast for a few extra days we hope you'll take a tour and see more of this beautiful country.

The TitanCon Coach Tour is different to the others - firstly we are a not-for-profit organisation and therefore our ticket prices are at cost price. Secondly our tour is a one off experience, we only do one coach tour a year and each year is a different route visiting different locations. Lastly it's a really big fun group of people that attend making the event truly special with full singalongs on the way home. You'll have a great time!

Jousting 2012

Re-enactment of the Hand's Tourney from season one of Game of Thrones at Shane's Castle during our 2012 Coach Tour. Photo taken by Eira.

2018 Itinerary

We will be working on the Coach Tour itinerary over the coming months, As usual, we hope to visit a range of Game of Thrones locations, including some traditional favourites and perhaps some new locations too. We may even visit some locations from other shows, reflecting the ongoing boom in film and TV production across the island of Ireland.

If anyone has suggestions for favourite places you would like to revisit, or new ideas for fresh destinations, please feel free to mail us with your thoughts at coach_tour@titancon.com.

As in previous years, the Coach Tour will culminate in a hearty Hog Roast Feast at around 5 p.m., followed by the usual coach hijinks with programming, storytelling, multiple goat misidentifications and our signature lullaby of Bohemian Rhapsody as we arrive back into the Wellington Park. The coach will also call at Belfast City airport on the way back, for those needing to catch an evening flight.

Coach Tour Timing and Tickets

As in previous years, our aim will be to leave the hotel by around 10 a.m. in the morning and return by around 8 p.m. - including the airport stop on the way.

Our aspiration is to have tickets for the Tour and Feast on sale by the end of April, 2018. For additional flexibility for members, we are considering having separate tickets for the Tour and Feast; a decision on this will be taken as part of our planning.

We hope to run two coaches again this year - one with more active entertainment and another for those seeking a more chilled out experience. We encourage you to book in good time if you plan to join the Tour and Feast - having visibility on numbers will enable us to confirm the second coach.

We anticipate that combined Tour and Feast tickets will again be priced at around £40 this year. You will need to be a member of Titancon 2018 to join the Tour and/or Feast.

Kristian Nairn and Miltos Yerolemou at the feast 2011

Kristian Nairn and Miltos Yerolemou enjoying the feast from our 2011 Coach Tour

After Party and Dead Dog Party

Once we're back at the Wellington Park Hotel the party doesn't have to end there, as we'll be in the Hotel Bar for the remainder of the evening. Also we have a Dead Dog Party (because that's what you feel like after a convention) in the Wellington Park Hotel bar on Tuesday 28th August for those still in Belfast. If you're staying around (or live locally), feel free to drop by and join us.