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Art Show

TitanCon 2016 Art Show

TitanCon 2016 Art Show. Photograph by Jane Stewart.

The Art Show has been an increasingly important part of the TitanCon experience over the last few years, with more artists and more art for sale each year.

For 2018 the Art Show will form part of a combined exhibits area occupying half of the McWilliam Suite, at the heart of the convention. The exhibits area will also feature our Dealers' Room and TitanCon Merchandise desk.

Our opening hours are also changing. In line with the expansion of the convention we will be opening the Art Show throughout Saturday and Sunday. We will also be presenting a wider range of art-related programming and workshops.

We will also be welcoming our first Artist Guest of Honour in the shape of Kit Cox, who will be displaying some of his work in the Art Show.

Our Art Show and related programming is again being run this year by our Art Show Director Jane Stewart of ArtEpona. We are hugely grateful to Jane for her ongoing work to develop all aspects of art at TitanCon.

Opening Hours

With this year's convention extending throughout the weekend, we have longer opening hours for our Art Show. We will be open for sales to members from 12 Noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Information for Artists

We are now taking applications from interested Artists. Full terms and conditions, along with an entry form, can be found on the Art Show Entry page. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply in good time if you plan to exhibit!

We will operate TitanCon's usual sale-or-return system for all artworks, including any folio prints or cards you want to make available. All 2D and 3D pieces displayed must be the exhibiting artist's own work. The art show will be staffed throughout our opening hours, leaving you free to run your workshop and/or enjoy the rest of the convention.

Artists can also apply for space in the Dealers' Room if appropriate. Information on the Dealers' Room can be found here.

All questions about the Art Show should be sent to Jane Stewart at art@TitanCon.com.

Art Workshops

We aim to continue and expand our ever-popular arts workshop programme across the two days. If you would like to repeat a workshop you have offered with us before or have an idea for one, please contact Jane Stewart at art@TitanCon.com. We want to make the programme as rich as possible and welcome input from all kinds of artists and makers, including costumers.

TitanCon 2016 Art Show

TitanCon 2016 Art Show. Photograph by Jane Stewart.