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TitanCon is a fan convention, run by the fans and for the fans. Everyone that helps, including the organising committee, are volunteers who give up their own time to ensure things run smoothly on the day. TitanCon cannot exist without the help and support of a dedicated group of volunteers, and therefore we urgently need your help at TitanCon 2017.

Our aim is to work effectively and spread the load, but we do need help in a number of areas, including:

Volunteering can sometimes sound like a boring thing to do but it can be great fun. There’s the satisfaction of being part of the team that makes TitanCon happen, a chance to see how things work behind the scenes, and there are also opportunities to get more involved with the running of TitanCon and have a say in the future of the convention.

And remember - volunteering is not signing away your weekend! We are a small convention and just having someone help out for an hour or two over the weekend makes a huge difference to us.

How to Volunteer

If you are willing to step up and help then please fill out the volunteer form below including any relevant skills and experience that you may have. Please also include your availability to help such as your arrival dates/times and how early you can get to the hotel on Saturday morning. Thank you!

Staff and Volunteers Meeting - Friday 8 September 2017

We will be holding our Staff and Volunteers Meeting on Friday 8 September 2017 at 4.30 p.m. This will take place in the Dillon Room at the Wellington Park Hotel. Please come along if you are a staff member or able to volunteer - we will be briefing everyone on procedures, and signing up people for specific tasks where we do not already have things covered from our pre-con preparation.

Attending the volunteer meeting is the best way to ensure you get the times that suit you and will also ensure you are well prepared with the latest information ready for the day. Please let us know if you cannot attend the meeting but still want to volunteer, we will try to arrange duties and shift times with you via email.

Volunteer Form

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