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1 x Supporting Membership to TitanCon 2017 £5.00
Total: £5.00 GBP

Perhaps you are unable to be at TitanCon 2017 but you would really like to see the convention succeed - your support will help us to continue in 2017 and beyond. Supporting membership can be upgraded to Full Membership at a later date for £23. Please see our upgrade page for more details.

We are only able to accept payments via Paypal. Please use the button to the right and log in to your Paypal account to complete your purchase of a Supporting Membership to TitanCon 2017. Quantity can be specified in the Shopping Cart on Paypal if you would like to donate more than the cost of one Supporting Membership.

For those outside the UK please note that your payment of £5.00 will be converted into your local currency by Paypal.

If you wish to make a larger donation (and a huge thank you if you do), then you can increase the quantity of supporting memberships in the Paypal shopping cart.

After making your payment PLEASE COMPLETE THE MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW (one per person) and include your Paypal primary email address in the field provided. This will help us match up your payment with your membership form and enable us to process your request quicker. Thank you.

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