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Outgoing Chairman's Statement - from Phil Lowles

It is with great regret that I have decided to resign as Chair of TitanCon. Fear not, the convention will continue, but unfortunately, I can no longer be a part of its leadership. There are two inextricably linked reasons for this.

Firstly, I am buying a house with my girlfriend which is a tremendously exciting step for me personally and for our future together. For the past few months we have been involved in an intensive process to sell my girlfriend’s house which has been problematic and stressful to say the least with many false starts and buyers dropping out. We intend to buy and move into our new home very soon and this is going to require my complete dedication for the next six months and probably longer.

Secondly, I have found it increasingly difficult to complete the tasks needed to deliver this year's event - as I'm sure you may have noticed, given the delays in key announcements such as those for the Guests and Coach Tour. My biggest regret in all this is that it took me so long to realise that it would be impossible for me to run TitanCon for all of you again this year. I am painfully aware that I managed my time poorly during this period, resulting in late communication with volunteers and a failure to properly delegate tasks to those that were willing to help and assist me. I'm truly sorry to have let the team down in this way.

I am hugely grateful to the group of senior staff that has stepped forward to ensure that this year's convention happens, and that we have a more sustainable approach in place for future years including the 2019 Eurocon event. I am very confident they will put on an enjoyable and successful convention. They have assured me that TitanCon 2017 will retain all the features of previous years - even if it is a little more compact and bijou. You have already heard from them and seen their efforts coming through in the recent announcements of the 2017 Guests and Coach Tour.

I would like to thank everyone that has attended TitanCon over the past 7 years, your support and assistance has always meant a huge amount to me. Anyone that knows me personally will know just how much TitanCon means to me and how I would not take this step if it was not truly necessary. I will deeply miss being a part of TitanCon and the many great friends I have met because of it. But I hope you will all understand that I was faced with an incredibly difficult decision between this convention that I love, and my future together with the wonderful and talented woman that I love.

All the best TitanCon and rock on!

Phil Lowles