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TitanCon 2017 Membership

The term "full membership" essentially just means "a ticket to attend TitanCon". However, it does mean more than that because being a member of TitanCon means you are part of the community of the convention, part of the brotherhood.

Memberships can be bought online using the buttons below, however we are only able to accept payment via Paypal and this incurrs a Paypal transaction fee of £1.20 per full attending membership.

Alternatively you can avoid the cost of the Paypal transaction fee by paying in cash at any event attended by the TitanCon committee members. This includes The Other Ones meet up's on Wednesday evenings at the Metro Bar in Belfast, or at London BWB meet up's, or at most Irish SF/F conventions. Further details available on our Other Events page.

All TitanCon members are required to abide by our Code of Conduct. Purchase of membership is considered tacit agreement of this code.

Full Membership: £28

Please choose this option if you want to purchase a ticket to attend TitanCon on Sat 9 Sept 2017.

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Supporting Membership: £5

Perhaps you are unable to be at TitanCon 2017 but you would really like to see the convention succeed - your support will help us to continue in 2017 and beyond. Supporting membership can be upgraded to Full Membership at a later date.

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Membership Transfer

Regretfully TitanCon is unable to offer refunds on memberships, however we can offer transfer of Full Memberships from one person to another.

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Upgrade from Supporting to
Full Membership

Upgrade your Supporting membership to a Full Membership to TitanCon 2017.

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