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Dealer Tables

Our Dealers' Room will be located in the Dillon Room this year, and will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. Our Dealers this year are:

Our Dealers’ Room is being run this year by Claire Gamble of Retrogreat. Claire is a great addition to our team and is currently preparing for her own solo gallery show in Derby. In the meantime, you can also check out her work in this year’s Art Show.

Update as of 24 August

Our Dealers' Room is now sold out. If you have been accepted into the Dealers' Room, we look forward to seeing you in Belfast! If you have any queries about move-in or other issues, you can contact our Dealers' Room team by emailing dealers@titancon.com.

Space in our dealers area is now available at £15 per table and that includes access to the convention for up to two members of staff with no need to purchase membership. Any dealer wishing to bring 3 or more staff members will need to purchase an additional table (although please let us know if you're not actually going to use both tables on the day).

If you are an artist you may wish to book a space in our Art Show rather than running your own dealer table.

Game of Thrones Merchandise

Please note that the sale of unlicensed Game of Thrones merchandise is prohibited at TitanCon. Dealers may sell official HBO Game of Thrones products.

The one exception to this rule are works of art. By this we mean a unique object that you have created yourself and that there is only one copy of which you are selling. If you are mass producing multiple copies or prints of the same work of art then this would be classified as unlicensed merchandise.

We have close ties with George RR Martin and HBO, and our convention cannot be seen to endorse the sale of unlicensed merchandise by allowing it to take place at TitanCon. Thank you for your understanding.