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TitanCon 2016 programming

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We have some wonderful entertainment for you and not just in the evening, all throughout the day too.

Opening Ceremony

Time: 9.45 am
Room: King's Landing

Join us for the Opening Ceremony as we introduce all of our guests on stage to thunderous applause.

TitanCon does 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown

Time: 12.00 pm
Room: King's Landing

This year's quiz pits Game of Thrones guests against Author guests to find out which team is best with letters and numbers. And yes we do want everyone to sing the countdown clock theme!

Scottish Gaelic for Time Travellers Part II: The Quickening (workshop)

Host: Beth NicAonghais
Time: 4.00 pm
Room: Castle Black

There can be only one... way to spend your afternoon at TitanCon 2016!

Prepare for battle with this smashin' wee workshop. Make your own Clan banner and motto, learn some terrifying Gaelic battle cries, and compete with your fellow clansmen to win an Outlander related prize.

Be there, or forever be a Sasanneach.

Stage Demonstration

Guests: David Brashaw, Rachael Fleming, Jessica Palmer, Amy Adair, Michelle Gibson and Historical Fencing NI
Time: 6.00 pm
Room: King's Landing

Our stage demonstration begins with a karate kata by current European Veterans Kata Champion, David Brashaw, assisted by Rachael Fleming, Jessica Palmer, Amy Adair. This will be followed by a Tai Chi demonstration by Michelle Gibson from Tai Chi N.I. Rounding out the show will be a spectacular sword combat demonstration from Historical Fencing N.I. Make sure you don't miss this exciting visual treat!

Brutal Ballet

Guests: Brutal Ballet
Time: 6.20 pm
Room: King's Landing

Combining classical ballet and heavy metal music, Brutal Ballet perform a Game of Thrones inspired routine created especially for TitanCon 2016.

Closing Ceremony - including Raffle Prize Draw and Auction

Time: 6.30 pm
Room: King's Landing

We'll be thanking all the guests, contributors and volunteers that have helped run TitanCon and make at an enjoyable day.

We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs in our Raffle Prize Draw including signed goodies donated to us by George RR Martin himself. Raffle tickets cost £2.00 each and are available from the TitanCon Merchandise Desk opposite the Dragonpit (Dillon Room) in the main corridor throughout the day.

Wits & Wagers: Quiz

Wits & Wagers

Time: 8.30 pm - 10.00 pm
Room: Castle Black

Worried you won't know as much as the smartest person in the room? Well with Wits & Wagers it doesn't matter!

In Wits & Wagers, each player writes a guess to a question such as "In what year did the bikini swimsuit makes its first appearance?" or "How many feet wide is an NFL football field?", anything with a numerical answer. Then each player places it face-up on the betting mat. Think you know the answer? Bet on your guess. Think you know who the experts are? Bet on their guess. The closest answer pays out according to the odds on the betting mat. Strike it big and you'll be cheering like you just hit the jackpot!

Wits & Wagers is a trivia game that lets you bet on anyone's answer. So you can win by making educated guesses, by playing the odds, or by knowing the interests of your friends. It can be taught in 2 minutes, played in 25 minutes, and accommodates up to 20 people in teams. See the video explanation below for more details.

Lovely Beard Contest

Hosts: Peadar Ó Guilín and Beth NicAonghais
Time: 8.30 pm
Room: King's Landing

The mainstay of our evening entertainment at TitanCon over the last five years has been the Masquerade contest. We have had some amazing entrants over the years, some beautiful costumes and memorable performances. Who can forget Hodor and Bran from our first year, or the Greyjoy saltwater blessing ceremony in 2012, or Daenerys and Melisandre winning the epic three-way tied vote in 2013.

For those that love to dress up please see our new Costume Contest that will run throughout the day. But in many ways we feel like the Masquerade has pretty much run it's course at this point, so instead we are going to do something a little different this year...

Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane and his mighty fine beard.
© HBO 2013.

We are pleased to announce that our evening entertainment this year will kick off with the inaugural TitanCon Lovely Beard Contest.

It's like Crufts - only for beards! We're interested in all breeds of beard, from fierce ginger purebreds, to scruffy mutts that make up in personality what they lack in pedigree.

Can your beard do tricks? There'll be a prize for that! And others for grooming, for most imaginative "costume", and of course, the classic, Best in Show.

Feel free to tell us what makes your beard so special - the judges are suckers for an uplifting tale or a sob-story. Or, just let the hair do the talking. Quality will out!

One note of warning, however: performance enhancing drugs are strictly forbidden and your beard may be tested at random.

This contest is not just for the naturally hirsute. Anyone and everyone can enter by constructing their own artificial beard. We will also be running a Build-a-Beard Workshop during the day with all materials provided if you want to make yourself a beard at TitanCon.

Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo sporting his finely sculpted facial hair.
© HBO 2011.

The TitanCon Lovely Beard Contest offers the following prizes:

To enter the Lovely Beard Contest please fill in the entry form. Feel free to be as inventive as you like with your answers, create a fictitious origin and history for your beard, an alternative life separate from your own. It all adds to the entertainment!

So start growing out your facial fuzz and experimenting with fancy curls and layers. Or start planning how you'll build your very own beard, let your imagination run wild. The TitanCon Lovely Beard Contest promises to be an awesome night of fun for all!

Please see our Lovely Beard Contest page if you'd like to enter the competition.

Party and Karaoke!

Time: 9.30 pm - 1.00 am
Room: King's Landing

Party right through till 1.00 am with music, drinking, singing, drinking, singing, dancing, drinking, more singing, more drinking...