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Literature panels

Our author guests will be discussing the following subjects during our literary track at TitanCon. There will also be a signing session at the end of the day where you can purchase books directly from some of the authors.

N00Bs and Locals

Panel: Peadar Ó Guilín (mod), Laurence Donaghy, Debbie (DJ) McCune, Zoë Sumra and Jo Zebedee
Time: 10.00 am
Room: Castle Black

We have writers so newly published they are still warm and a fine brace of Irish authors - come and meet them and find out about them and their worlds.

Building a (broken) world

Panel: Joe Abercrombie (mod), Pat Cadigan, Sarah Pinborough, Peadar Ó Guilín, Laurence Donaghy, Jo Zebedee
Time: 11.00 am
Room: King's Landing

Lord Grimdark and his pals lead us on a tour of the (shadier parts of the) worlds we build and enjoy.

The Great TitanCon Quiz

Time: 12.00 pm
Room: King's Landing

Game of Thrones and Author guests alike battle for the ultimate prize (if you find out what it is please let us know...) This year we are following a Blankety Blank model with a special secret bonus finale round.

Round Table: Joe Abercrombie

Guest: Joe Abercrombie
Time: 2.00 pm
Room: The Eyrie
Tickets: £5

We are offering a very special opportunity for ten lucky fans to sit down at a round table with Joe Abercrombie for a private and informal chat. A chance to ask Joe anything you ever wanted to know.

The Round Table session will last 45 minutes. We are charging a fee of £5.00 to attend. Tickets go on sale at 12.00 noon (UK time) on Saturday 19 September 2015. For more details about purchasing tickets please see our Round Table tickets page.

Panels entitled, "Women in science fiction, do we need them?", "Do we STILL need them?"

Panel: Pat Cadigan (mod), Sarah Pinborough, Debbie (DJ) McCune, Zoë Sumra and Jo Zebedee
Time: 2.00 pm
Room: Castle Black

How and why are we still having this conversation?

Lets talk about sex (awkwardly in some cases)

Panel: Joe Abercrombie, Pat Cadigan, Sarah Pinborough (mod), Debbie (DJ) McCune and Zoë Sumra
Time: 3.00 pm
Room: King's Landing

Sex in space, fantasy in fantasy, violence and consent, romance, brothels, bad sex, bad writing, euphamisms, double entendre and just plain single intenders - let's lose our genre inhibitions and talk writing about sex.

To YA or not to YA

Panel: Joe Abercrombie, Peadar Ó Guilín, Laurence Donaghy, Debbie (DJ) McCune (mod) and Jo Zebedee
Time: 4.00 pm
Room: King's Landing

What specifically makes a book YA? Why did our panelists choose to publish as YA or not? Was it a concious decision or did the book just turn out like that?

Author guests' signing session

Authors: Joe Abercrombie, Pat Cadigan, Sarah Pinborough, Peadar Ó Guilín, Laurence Donaghy, Debbie (DJ) McCune, Zoë Sumra and Jo Zebedee
Time: 5.00 pm
Room: Winterfell

Our author guests will be signing copies of their books. Many of them will have a small stack of books with them that are available for purchase.

Art Show Readings: Unpublished Writers

Room: Art Show (Syndicate 7 and 8)

This year we offered an open invitation for unpublished writers to come and read some of their work during the changeover periods between panels in our Art Show. Please drop by in the afternoon to show your support and hear some fresh new talent read their stories while checking out the beautiful artwork.

Eóin Murphy - 2.50 pm

Eóin has been writing for the last few years and one day hopes to be good at it. He has previously had short stories published in The Incubator and Spinetinglers. Eóin writes mainly fantasy and horror and will be reading an excerpt from his first (still in progress!) novel "The Rot", a dark fantasy novel set in the aftermath of the war against the Crooked One and its armies of rotkin. In the celebrations Caleb and the last of the Hundred are betrayed by one of their own and must set off on a perilous journey to warn the Five Kingdoms of a coming war. But first they must cross the dead city of Lurten, and something is stirring in the ruins.

Andy Luke - 3.50 pm

Andy Luke's background is in comics, where he produced works of edutainment, including Gran, Absence, The Invisible Artist and Brand of Britain, in the double Eisner-nominated To End All Wars. Recently, he's plunged whole into prose, writing local horror on spides, hauntings and Lidls crisps. His most recent work is 'Flesh Mob', an innovative stalk on the tree of undead narratives. Andy lives in East Belfast, where he was raised, behind a tall hedge.

Nick Larter - 4.50 pm

About four years ago Nick Larter decided that his writing deserved a better outlet than the IT reports for foreign governments that made up his day job and he started to write fantasy in his spare time. Most of his works are set in 'The Principality;' a tiny monarchy nestling between the Hungary and Slovakia of an alternate Europe. They include his (as yet unpublished) debut novel The Green Redoubt, two other novels in progress (Jacky Hangman and the Hunt for the Ohrid Seal, and The Last Recipe of Vincent Swart) and a host of short stories. He intends to have his first short story collection - Tales from the Time of Denzil the Scientist, ready for publication in 2016. Several of his shorter pieces are in the public domain and can be read at the Blackstaff press 'Skypen' blog:-

Nick blogs (infrequently) at: https://thremnir.wordpress.com/

For TitanCon 2015 Nick will be reading Hukka, a short mood piece celebrating Russian folklore [and Castles in the Air, a short hommage to Francis Stuart written in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the Rising.]